My World Matters – ASN Family Group

Thank you so much to Stephens FoundationStephens Bakery for the generous £250 donation towards toys and equipment for our new family support group in Dunfermline for children with disabilities and additional support needs. ✨🥹🙏🏼

We appreciate it SO much, our children deserve to have a secure space to play and be themselves and our parents need to have a non judgmental safe space to be listened too and have conversations where the other parents just gets it. 🥰

We are hoping to start this group after the summer holidays in central Dunfermline. So far, there will be local children attending who are Autisic, children who have Downs Syndrome, Cerebal Paulsy, Kidney Disease, Genetic Conditions, Eye Conditions, Global Develoment Delay, Speech Delay and more. 💛🌎

This will help more children and families than you can imagine!!

Please feel free to message the page if you want to come along 🤍🌿

My World Matters

Nicole x