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About Stephens Bakery Foundation

Ever since Stephens opened its doors in 1873, we have been giving away unsold food to those most in need. What started out as just a few rolls has grown into thousands of products given to charities each week and over £175,000 donated to many worth causes over the years.

The Stephens Foundation proudly supports Fife Gingerbread, a charity that supports lone parent, vulnerable and disadvantaged families

The Stephens Foundation is a grant making charity which aims to support the advancement of education and health, the relief of poverty, and the advancement of community development. The beneficiaries of the foundation are children and organisations supporting children, community groups, individuals or organisations who have financial need and whose activities fall within the charitable objects above.

The mission of the Stephens Foundation is ultimately to give back to our local community, particularly to those in need of a helping hand. The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees who work together to ensure every donation given from the foundation is fulfilling our mission of giving back. Stephens Bakery supports every financial need of the Stephens Foundation, meaning that every single penny raised or donated goes directly to local causes.

We currently support 47  breakfast clubs every week in local schools, who feed children that would otherwise go without a meal to start their day. To apply for breakfast club support click here

Stephens Bakery Foundation

We are delighted to have given away over £175,000 to local causes since our launch in 2018. Our aim is to support education and health, community development and the relief of poverty, and we want to make a positive and lasting impact on all our local communities. Funding Breakfast Clubs in schools is also very important to us, as every child deserves to start the day well. We now support 47 Breakfast Clubs and are always looking for more to help

Anyone is eligible to apply, and provided the donation request falls within the above categories, every application will be considered carefully.  Applications can be made here.

That £1000 a month may be given to one single cause, or split between 2, 5 or 10 worthy causes! Whatever the Foundation deems best to ensure maximum benefit to our local communities.

To view a downloadable pdf of our poster please click here.