Ever since Stephens opened its doors in 1873, we have been giving away unsold food to those most in need. What started out as just a few rolls has grown into hundreds of products given to charities each week and over £100,000 donated to many worth causes over the years. Given this incredible history in helping our local community, the Stephens Foundation purpose is to bring together all of Stephens’ charitable giving.

We are delighted to have given away over £100,000 to local causes since our launch in 2018. Our aim is to support education and health, community development and the relief of poverty, and we want to make a positive and lasting impact on all our local communities. Funding Breakfast Clubs in schools is also very important to us, as every child deserves to start the day well. We now support 34 Breakfast Clubs and are always looking for more to help

McLean Primary School visit the Stephens Drive Thru to learn about business.