About Us

Since its establishment in 1873, Stephens has dedicated itself to redistributing unsold food to those in need. This initiative, initially involving just a handful of rolls, has expanded significantly to form what is now the registered charity, the Stephens Foundation. Since its formation in 2018, we distribute thousands of products to charities weekly and have donated over £230,000 to numerous local causes.

The Stephens Foundation, a grant-giving charity , strives to advance education and health, alleviate poverty, and promote community development. Our efforts predominantly benefit children, community organizations, and individuals facing financial hardships, aligning with our charitable objectives.

Our core mission at the Stephens Foundation is to contribute positively to our local communities, especially aiding those requiring extra support. Governed by a board of trustees, we ensure that every contribution made by the foundation directly aligns with our goal of impactful giving. Stephens Bakery underwrites all expenses of the Stephens Foundation, ensuring that 100% of the funds raised or donated directly support local initiatives.  

We are actively involved in supporting 47 breakfast clubs in local schools every week, providing meals and a supportive environment for children who might otherwise start their day hungry or unsettled. For those interested in applying for breakfast club support, more information is available through our application process. click here

To view a downloadable pdf of our poster please click here.