How You Can Help

Ever since Stephens opened its doors in 1873, we have been giving away unsold food to those most in need. What started out as just a few rolls has grown into hundreds of products given to charities each week and over £100,000 donated to many worth causes over the years. Given this incredible history in helping our local community, the Stephens Bakery Foundation purpose is to bring together all of Stephens’ charitable giving.

We are really excited about the Stephens Bakery Foundation and what it can do for so many people. Since launch in 2018, we have given over £175,000 to our local communities. Launching in July 2018, we committed to giving away £1,000 a month for two years. In its first two years of existing, the Stephens Foundation will be giving over £24,000 back to our local community.

We are asking if you would be able to help us raise FREE funds whenever you shop online by signing up to easyfundraising.

It doesn’t cost you any extra and you’ll be helping to make a real difference with every purchase you make. It’s great and so easy!

All you do is download an app from the easyfundraising website, then each time you navigate to a retailer’s website that offers a donation, a helpful reminder will show up, you click on it and continue with your purchase as normal.  You don’t even need to remember which sites you can use!  Prices will be exactly the same as they would have been, the retailer will just donate a % of your purchase to the Foundation.

Each quarter easyfundraising then transfers the money raised to us, allowing us to support those in need – so far we have raised £473.16 just by people going about their usual online shopping! 

To set this up (for the first time only) all you need to do is:

  1. On your PC/mobile phone/tablet/all of these go to:
  2. Click on the “Support this cause” button
  3. Create an account using either email or Facebook if you prefer
  4. If you then click on the “Get the Donation Reminder” button that appears at the end of the registration process.  This is the bit that will remind you each time you go onto a website that has agreed to donate to an easyfundraising cause. 

That’s it! How easy is that?!

We would be very grateful if you would consider signing up to help us raise even more money for supporting causes in our local community.