Unsold Food Donations

What started out as giving away just a few morning rolls in 1873, has grown into hundreds of products being given to charities each week. We are looking to grow this even more with your help. The nature of food retail means that food waste is unavoidable, so the Stephens Foundation, with the support of Stephens Bakery, would like to donate as much unsold food to good causes as possible.

For those that are concerned about food waste, rest assured that any unsold products of Stephens Bakery is not ‘binned’. All unsold food not donated to charities is sent away for anaerobic recycling where the food is turned into power.

 If you are a good cause which would like to be considered for donations of unsold food, please get in touch using the form below and one of our team will come back to you.   Please note that we are unable to donate food if products are to be sold or exchanged for goods or services