02 Mar

Strathdevon Primary School

Strathdevon Primary School are keen to enhance the pupils experience in their playground. Leading the project themselves, they are encouraging their pupils to be active, creative, and play together outside, and we helped them with some funding for a shed to store their activity equipment in

25 Feb

Kincardine Youth Club

Kincardine Youth Club aims to provide weekly engaging activities for the youths of Kincardine. They are run by volunteers and have over 40 kids attending, who do a range of activities such as dancing, arts and crafts, board games, Xbox , baking, seasonal parties. They provide a comfy place for the youths to socialise and mix with their peers.

We provided them with some funds to expand their games and activities and we hope they enjoy them!

18 Feb

Inverkeithing Primary School – Sensory Room

Some photos and a great explanation from Inverkeithing Primary School of their new Sensory Room, which has been set up to support vulnerable learners and any children who require support sessions which encourages them to be calm and mindful 🙂

“We cant thank you enough for the support you have provided us for this project, this has allowed us to focus on ensuring the health and well being of our most vulnerable learners and it has had an immensely positive effect on our learners.

The resource includes three different hide tents which offer different light and sensory experiences, as well as having some sensory mats which explode with different colours when the children walk on them. There is also a fold down bed for children to be able to lie on to watch the lights shining on the ceiling when the globe light is working.
Within the sensory room there is also a tent with a ball pit which children can play in. They can post the balls into slots in the roof of the tent and watch them drop down.

We also have some weighted cats and dolphins which pupils can put on their shoulders and around their neck to allow for the feeling of being hugged. The pupils sit with them on and stroke them, allowing for a calming effect.

The different light cubes and stars etc allow the children to focus on one specific light show at a time to distract them from their worries and concerns , thus allowing us to settle and calm down to express what their feelings are so that we can support them further.

The sensory room works in conjunction with another support we have for the children called rookie minds. Rookie minds is a counselling service which allows children to learn strategies on how to cope with challenges in their lives. The use of the sensory room has been key in assisting us with supporting the children in the right ways.”

23 Jan

Pamis Fife

Five years ago Pamis Fife recognised families who care for someone with PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) and individuals with PMLD are at serious risk from social isolation and further mental health problems. Working with families, PAMIS established a Friendship Club for families to attend. The Club is run once a month and more frequently during the summer holidays. The Friendship Club provides an opportunity for carers to meet new people while offering sensory story telling and art work for people with PMLD to enjoy. Since 2014 the club has gone from strength to strength and has helped over different 50 families and individuals with PMLD. Many families are regulars to the Club and many friendships have been developed, in 2018 the attendance for the combined Friendship Clubs reached over 300 people. We were pleased to help them celebrate their 5th Birthday.

28 Oct


Prior to our launch in Summer 2018, we committed to giving away £1,000 a month to local causes.
We are delighted with the response the Foundation has received and our average monthly donations since launch are well over £2,000!

We love being able to help our local communities, so please help us by continuing to spread the word to whoever you think could benefit.
Applications can be made through the Stephens Foundation website: https://stephensbakeryfoundation.org/apply-for-donation/

02 Oct

Dunfermline High School

We supplied Dunfermline High School with some new equipment to help encourage teenagers to take part in regular sport and exercise after school, and increase the activities they can offer to pupils. They currently have over 100 dancers and gymnasts in clubs and this new equipment aims to keep them motivated to attend each week. The clubs the school offers are free of charge for pupils and run by the kindness of teachers who put in their time to improve pupils fitness levels and skills. All the best to the teachers and pupils in their activities! 

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