10 Sep

Auchmuty & Dovecot Tenants & Residents Association

Auchmuty & Dovecot Tenants & Residents Association is a non profit community organisation that supports the local community by helping with housing problems, benefits, foodbank supplies, supporting the youths, children’s clothing bank and general support when needed. The Stephens Foundation bought them a fridge so they can store fresh food items for their Foodbank.

Keep up the great work guys! 

06 Sep

Armadale Academy

Delighted to have donated to Armadale Academy so that they can purchase new books for their school library.

“Our goal is to improve the literacy of our most disadvantaged pupils and to motivate disengaged students into reading for pleasure in order for them to learn, progress and achieve. Also to encourage all our pupils into reading and studying literature to improve their future prospects.”

30 Aug

Breakfast Clubs Funding

Now that the school year has started again, we are keen to encourage more schools to apply for Breakfast Club Support! 
We now fund 16 breakfast clubs across Fife, and would like to add more ðŸ™‚

Do you know of any Primary or Secondary Schools that need support in running an existing Breakfast Club or looking at setting up a new one?

Please encourage them to apply online at www.stephensbakeryfoundation.org/breakfast-club-applicatio…/

26 Aug

Perth Community Farm

Great to see photos from Perth Community Farm of their raised flowers beds. We supported them, jointly with our builder Dwanged Construction, to build them. These will enable the elderly and those in wheelchairs to be involved in planting and spending time at the farm. 
We are also supporting them to install a special watering system needed to water these types of planting beds.
This is a NonProfit Organisation running a community hub right in the heart of Perth 
It will be used for learning by schools, as a social gathering for parents caring for children who would like to get outdoors, and to host days for adults and children with sensory issues.

21 Aug

Ben Nevis Adapted Buggy Climb

Delighted to see Erin is enjoying her new Adapted Buggy.

Erin’s family were raising funds to buy a new buggy to “allow her to continue her no holds barred, go anyplace lifestyle she so dearly loves” and we were pleased to help out with a donation.

23 Jul

Perth Creative Community Collaborative

We recently supported Perth Creative Community Collaborative, a constituted group based in Perth. They organise and run 3 art groups, 3 craft groups, a creative writing group and a reading group. 

“Our aim is to offer free creative opportunities to people in our community to improve wellbeing and reduce isolation, welcoming those that can often be excluded from learning opportunities due to long term health issues, learning disabilities, or other barriers.”

They are supported by 5 volunteers, and work in partnership with NHS and PKC, although are not funded by them.

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