23 Jul

Perth Creative Community Collaborative

We recently supported Perth Creative Community Collaborative, a constituted group based in Perth. They organise and run 3 art groups, 3 craft groups, a creative writing group and a reading group. 

“Our aim is to offer free creative opportunities to people in our community to improve wellbeing and reduce isolation, welcoming those that can often be excluded from learning opportunities due to long term health issues, learning disabilities, or other barriers.”

They are supported by 5 volunteers, and work in partnership with NHS and PKC, although are not funded by them.

28 Jun

Benarty Primary School and Nursery

We were pleased to be able to support Benarty Primary School and Nursery Department for Additional Support.

They provide a sensory room for children with complex additional needs, so they have a safe and stimulating environment that they can access when they’re feeling overwhelmed, need time out or to support their learning. Due to the children’s additional needs, sensory spaces can have a huge impact on a child’s ability to socialise, communicate and build on their academicprogress. Sensory spaces can help children to feel calm, happy, engaged and many other emotions.
The Stephens Foundation gave a grant to allow the school to buy a light source for the sensory room.


10 May

Babcock Rosyth

We are absolutely thrilled that the Babcock Rosyth Royal Dockyard team very kindly chose to support the Stephens Foundation as part of the Scottish APM Challenge. 
They hosted a Crazy Golf day for staff which was a huge success, with a fantastic sum of money raised. As well as donating to our Foundation, we are so pleased the team also chose to support Dunfermline Foodbank with their fundraising efforts.
To everyone involved in organising and taking part in the day, thank you so much for supporting us. Your generosity will be directly put back into the local community.

17 Apr

Sygenta Cerebral Palsy FC

Syngenta Cerebral Palsy FC are the only football team in Scotland that cater for children with Cerebral Palsy. This means that if they want to play competitive matches, they need to travel to England or Ireland. Children travel from all over Scotland to play for the team! The club’s aim is to make sure that these kids are allowed the same opportunities to enjoy and compete in their favourite sport as all other kids. We helped fund their travel to Dublin and are delighted to see the day was greatly enjoyed by all. Well done to the team for a successful trip.

20 Feb

Illuminate School of Dance

We recently purchased a Trapeze for Illuminate School of Dance so that the kids can develop their passion and talents in their dance classes. We love seeing kids getting involved in all sorts of activities and we are pleased to be able to support local sports clubs such as this.

17 Jan

Perth Autism Support

Perth Autism Support was created to support individuals, aged 18 or under on the Autism Spectrum, and their families throughout Perth & Kinross.

Their aim is to ensure that every child diagnosed with autism in Perth & Kinross has access to quality activities and services.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects the way a person communicates, how they experience the world around them and how they relate to other people.

Autism is described as a spectrum condition, which means that everyone with autism, including Asperger’s Syndrome will share certain characteristics and difficulties.  This does not mean, however, that all people with autism will be affected in the same way.  Some people with autism will be able to lead relatively independent lives but other may need a lifetime of specialist support and intervention.

Perth Autism Support believe that early intervention is critical for children and young people to be enabled to lead fulfilling lives and training and awareness raising is essential to ensure that they are understood and supported in a positive way.

The Stephens Foundation supported their Christmas Party this year, which enables the kids to take part in specially organised activities. From the photos it looks like it was lots of fun and a great success!

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