23 Dec

Townhill Primary

Townhill Primary School and Nursery‘s summer house sensory room was very sadly broken into numerous times through lockdown and unfortunately again since. Much of their equipment was broken or taken. Given the current COVID-19 situation, they are focusing heavily on the health and the mental wellbeing of the children and the summer house sensory room is a great support in that. We helped them buy some new equipment for the room 😀✨

23 Dec

Glenrothes Rugby Club

The Glenrothes Rugby Club youth teams with some new kit we provided 🏉

“We believe that participation in sport by young people not only improves their health and physical wellbeing but increases their social skills and network and encourages community spirit. Our catchment area extends from Glenrothes to Levenmouth which contains some of the most deprived areas identified on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, in particular in health, crime, education and income. In recognition of the lower income in our area, the club keeps costs to parents to a minimum but replacing old equipment and having enough equipment for all age groups is, at times, problematic. Through taster sessions at primary schools and working with Active Schools in high schools we have again increased the numbers in our youth section to 180. Next year we will have not only an U12 girls section but also an U14 girls section for the first time.”

Well done for helping keep our communities and kids active 😀

23 Dec

Abbeyview Day Centre

The Abbeyview Day Centre is a charity that supports the elderly and vulnerable in the local community. They did a great job of putting together some activity packs for their members, which we helped fund. The members loved the activity packs, giving them something to do safely in their homes either on their own or with family ☺️

24 Nov

Beath High School

Beath High School are working hard to help families that are struggling due to COVID-19, providing extra funds and care packages with various Items such as personal hygiene products, sanitary products and food for their cupboards and freezers. We donated £300 to assist the guidance team with their work of providing support for these families (Gael Fraser, one of the guidance teachers, pictured) 

13 Nov

Woodmill High School

Woodmill High School‘s Department for Additional Support sadly lost their entire department in a fire. They’ve kindly sent us some photos of their new cooking and life skills room with S1 pupils modelling some of the baking equipment we provided them with 😃 We’re so pleased to see they have the space again for pupils to learn very important life skills in their newly built kitchen 👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳

05 Nov

Methilhaven Care Home Nursery

We love getting photos from causes/organisations we’ve supported🤩

This is Methilhaven Care Home Nursery enjoying their new wetsuits bought with our grant. COVID-19 means each child needs to have their own wetsuit, so now they can go outside and play in all weather. We believe getting outside and muddy is definitely an important part of fun and development for the kids😀 ☔️

02 Nov


Some PPE and Covid-19 supplies for the Hyperclub 😃✨

As a registered charity, Hyperclub supports adults and children with disabilities/difficulties and health issues such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Hypermobility, Tourettes, Down Syndrome and many more, as well as many elderly people.

Some PPE for Hyperclub

“We help and support hundreds of families and individuals on a weekly basis. We have various, fun services available for people of different ages such as a karaoke disco, children’s fun group, a relaxing sensory room and many more. We are solely run by amazing volunteers who give up their spare time to come and help those in need. Our aim is to continue supporting the community and our regular service user’s through isolation and social exclusion”

Well done to all the volunteers and keep up the great work Hyperclub 🤩

21 Oct

Glendale Lodge Care Home

Some in house activities for Glendale Lodge care home who are aiming to “give continuity of care and keep clients safe. Ensuring their daily lives are enhanced with activities to keep them stimulated during this awful pandemic which has decimated some care homes” 🙂
They received a grant from us to buy in house activities, and games with specialised tools required for people with dementia and other disabilities, who are now housebound due to COVID-19.

Indoor Activities
21 Oct


Some new kit for KRFC Blues to allow children to participate safely in their sport through COVID-19. Every child will have their own ball to train with and additional ground markers to ensure suitable training areas can be marked out for distancing 🙂

“Through positive coaching, led by our volunteer coaches, we look to create an environment where youngsters learn and develop through sport. Young people are developed not just physically, but socially and psychologically as well.
Developing skills for life, such as resilience, confidence, leadership and determination. With between 100-200 young person from 3yrs to 18yrs, regularly utilising the facilities.
Through the use of rugby, it has huge health benefits from reducing obesity to reducing anxiety and increasing mental well-being – all of which are issues for many young people today.

We have a successful track record of working in the local community to increase the quantity and quality of rugby participation. Achieving this by offering taster sessions to primary school children and delivering a school of rugby within one of the local high schools. This role is continuing to evolve, as we look to involve more schools. We also actively participate in the local community sports hub, forming important links with other local sporting clubs.”