15 Sep


@ACFStAndrews are a charity who provide a safe place for young people to attend and provide them with a syllabus to follow so they can achieve ranks and badges. The charity approached us to provide funding to help towards the purchase of a new tablet and projector. We were of course happy to help 😀

14 Sep

Floating Wheelchair

We were delighted to receive these pictures recently showing pictures of a floating wheelchair that the Foundation helped to fund. We were also glad to hear that they have been able to make full use of it with the glorious weather we had throughout the Summer 😃

13 Sep

Fife Gingerbread

Fife Gingerbread are a local charity who support and empower lone parents and vulnerable families in Fife. The Foundation have recently donated funds to enable them to buy picnic blankets and food storage containers for their Day2Play campaign. We were happy to see that they got to make the most of the good weather 🌞

22 Aug

Hillend Community Hub

We have recently donated funds to help with the purchase of a gazebo for Hillend Community Hub. The Hub runs events throughout the year for residents and as they do not have a community hall they needed some kind of shelter from the weather come 🌧️ or 🌞 The photo below shows the gazebo being used at their recent Village Fair 😀

09 Aug

Pars Foundation

𝕎𝕒𝕝𝕜 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕜 𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕠𝕣
Huge thanks to Stephens Bakery Foundation for their kind donation which enabled us to purchase cosy body warmers for our Walk and Talk group. These will certainly keep our walkers warm during the winter months.
Our Walk and Talk group meet every Friday 10am at various locations throughout Dunfermline. Please email Eddie@dafc.co.uk for further details.
21 Jul

Rosyth Boys 2014

We’ve recently donated funding to @rosythboys2014 which allowed them to purchase a rebound net which is being used at training sessions to help with coming into contact with the football and their reaction times. ⚽

20 Jul

My World Matters – ASN Family Group

Thank you so much to Stephens FoundationStephens Bakery for the generous £250 donation towards toys and equipment for our new family support group in Dunfermline for children with disabilities and additional support needs. ✨🥹🙏🏼

We appreciate it SO much, our children deserve to have a secure space to play and be themselves and our parents need to have a non judgmental safe space to be listened too and have conversations where the other parents just gets it. 🥰

We are hoping to start this group after the summer holidays in central Dunfermline. So far, there will be local children attending who are Autisic, children who have Downs Syndrome, Cerebal Paulsy, Kidney Disease, Genetic Conditions, Eye Conditions, Global Develoment Delay, Speech Delay and more. 💛🌎

This will help more children and families than you can imagine!!

Please feel free to message the page if you want to come along 🤍🌿

My World Matters

Nicole x

20 Jul

Toll Community Centre

@TollCommunityCentre based in Burntisland are making and providing lunch bags for families during the school holidays as many families continue to struggle with the cost of living. We were more than happy to help out for such a worthy cause 😊

19 Jul

Cadham Centre

@CadhamCentre needed to replace some of their toys for their new Parent and Toddler session. We were delighted to be able to provide funding to help with the purchase of these lovely new toys and activities 😀