20 Feb

Illuminate School of Dance

We recently purchased a Trapeze for Illuminate School of Dance so that the kids can develop their passion and talents in their dance classes. We love seeing kids getting involved in all sorts of activities and we are pleased to be able to support local sports clubs such as this.

17 Jan

Perth Autism Support

Perth Autism Support was created to support individuals, aged 18 or under on the Autism Spectrum, and their families throughout Perth & Kinross.

Their aim is to ensure that every child diagnosed with autism in Perth & Kinross has access to quality activities and services.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects the way a person communicates, how they experience the world around them and how they relate to other people.

Autism is described as a spectrum condition, which means that everyone with autism, including Asperger’s Syndrome will share certain characteristics and difficulties.  This does not mean, however, that all people with autism will be affected in the same way.  Some people with autism will be able to lead relatively independent lives but other may need a lifetime of specialist support and intervention.

Perth Autism Support believe that early intervention is critical for children and young people to be enabled to lead fulfilling lives and training and awareness raising is essential to ensure that they are understood and supported in a positive way.

The Stephens Foundation supported their Christmas Party this year, which enables the kids to take part in specially organised activities. From the photos it looks like it was lots of fun and a great success!

29 Dec

Crossford Defribulator

We were pleased to contribute towards the instalment of a defibrillator on the Main Street of Crossford.

We of course hope that it provides only comfort and reassurance to the residents of Crossford. However, in the event it is needed, we are pleased the community has access to this potentially life saving device. Rhona, the Manager of Stephens Crossford, pictured above with the newly installed defibrillator.

11 Dec

Wee Joe

Wee Joe is an incredibly brave young man currently fighting Medulloblastoma (Cancerous Brain Tumour). He is being treated on Ward 2 at Edinburgh Sick Kids. Cancer treatment does not stop just because Santa is coming to town, so Wee Joe’s family would like to treat every child of Ward 2 by buying them all Christmas presents to open on Christmas Day. We have donated money to help this loving family fulfil their wish. Wishing all the kids on Ward 2 a very happy Christmas. https://www.facebook.com/WeeJoe2018

03 Dec

The Yard

The Yard Fife provides disabled children and their families access to safe and adventurous play opportunities during the weekend. As many families with disabled children are unable to access mainstream facilities, The Yard is a vital part of the community. We are delighted to be able to help and have pledged £1,200 pounds over the next 12 months 

03 Dec

Duloch Juniors

Duloch Juniors are a local football team for kids, teaching them football skills as well as team and character building. We were pleased to help them buy some needed training equipment so they can continue to thrive.

19 Nov

Dunfermline Boxing Club

A completely self-funded club, Dunfermline boxing club keeps hundreds of kids participating 5 nights a week and is run by volunteers. The Stephens Foundation is delighted to support them with a monthly contribution.

24 Oct

The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch was run by The Open Door Project at Bennochy Parish Church, supported by the Stephens Foundation. This charity reach out to those in their community who tend to be more isolated: elderly people, single homeless people, those whose first language is not English, those whose income is limited and single parents.

24 Oct

Spotlight Cheer & Dance

We are pleased to help our local Cheer and Dance group with the funding of their new spring floor. Spotlight Cheer and Dance is a Rosyth based studio which helps local kids in the community gain skills and the opportunity to compete at a competitive sport, having now competed all over the UK.

We look forward to seeing what our local dancers and cheerleaders get up to over the coming years!

02 Oct

Cliff Hands

The Stephens Foundation was delighted to support Cliff Hands, from Fife, in one of the toughest challenges of his life. Cliff, an ex-paratrooper who now lives in Fife, completed a solo attempt on the Matterhorn, considered to be one of the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb.

Cliff is raising money for the Lomond Mountain Rescue Team, Support our Paras, which helps wounded soldiers and their families, and the Aberlour Childrens Trust who work with disadvantaged children in Scotland. All funds Cliff raised went directly to the charities, with Cliff meeting the costs of the expedition himself.

The Stephens Foundation was proud to be able to donate £600 to this incredible fund raising effort.

Cliff spent 12 years in the parachute regiment, seeing active service in Kosovo and Iraq as well as being part of a successful hostage rescue mission, working alongside the SAS, in Sierra Leone.

Cliff told us the story of his amazing adventure: Read More

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